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Our mission is to Honor and Celebrate C.E,O's past, present and futuristic. And  continue to spread this Movement of Joy, Encouragement to keep striving and keep up the good hard work. 

For every high-achieving professional, the vital career goal is to become a CEO. In comparison, anyone who climbs the corporate hierarchy or starts their own business can hold this title. It takes a rare type of leader to truly represent what it means to be a Chief Executive Officer (CEO). This desirable position is more than simply " Calling the Shots," which means earning the admiration and inspiring your whole association to do their best work for the good of the company. In my opinion, as a CEO of CEO's ROCK, passion, vision, and decisiveness are the foremost vital traits or skills that can help make a person CEO material.


The most exceptional CEOs are passionate about their products and services. Passion derives from a secure connection to your mission, vision, and goals. Without passion and association, it can be impossible to understand a business and how and why it is run the way it is. If you are not passionate about your key goals and vision, go back to understand why you started your business and reconnect it with your story.


To be the best CEO, a person needs a clear vision. Always think of Elon Musk or Steve Jobs. They also have to be able to impressively communicate that vision to inspire and motivate others to add to its success. To improve or develop a clear vision, surround yourself with others who have clear and big visions.


Successful CEOs are undoubtedly visionary, strong communicators, and culture builders. However, one thing that sets the best CEOs apart is that they are decisive. Successful CEOs don't make decisions alone or believe that their choices are always right. Instead, they always engage in open dialogues, gather information, listen to their core team's point of view. Then, they make hard and effective decisions for the business.

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